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The demand in the asphalt industry for dry additive, liquid additive, and the control of the products
is getting more and more difficult. AMC offers field proven products and methods for dry additive introduction such as lime and mineral filler, baghouse fines, RAP and shingle process. As a
complement to these products, we offer the Burke line of heating products.
We Connect the
Beaver Mill
Beaver Mill


Bulk Storage Silos

RAP Processors

Control Packages

Aggregate Products
...and Control them.
"AMC also manufactures and distributes a wide range of Plant and Paver part accessories"

Distributor & Service Center for Burke Liquid Heating Products that include:
Helical Heaters Pre-Piped Tank Installations Calibration Tanks
Serpentine Heaters Flex Hoses, Jacketed Pipe Metering Packages
Vertical & Horizontal Tanks Polymer & Crumb Rubber Units Electric Heating Units


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