AMC products are field proven and have been used in a variety of applications.  We pride ourselves in the adaptation of the ancillary components needed to get the results you need.  AMC would like the opportunity to discuss any of your mixing needs.

tower.gif (16130 bytes) We offer a complete line of RAP and Dry Additive Processing Equipment.   These systems packages aid the contractors that are faced with an increasing need to pre-blend, screen, crush and accurately weigh material before the final mixing stage.

AMC pugmills are an integral part of our processes with their ability to mix and blend materials at high production rates.  They offer the versatility to apply the popular stabilizing agents on native and reclaimed materials.  Complete portability, fast setup and easy calibration of these plants allow materials to be used immediately or stockpiled.

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4legs.gif (23767 bytes) With a specialization in retrofitting new components and maximizing existing equipment, AMC provides complete customization to meet each plant's production capacity and each state's requirements.  In addition, AMC offers pugmills, aggregate bins, lime silos, transfer pods and pneumatic conveying equipment.  AMC assists contractors with retrofits to existing control systems, or we provide a dedicated, stand-alone Recycle Asphalt System.


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